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Soul Work

Are you doing your soul work? Many may ask what is my soul work? Your answer has to do with your calling or what you are being called to do. Of course, we are always doing our inner work, but for many that isn’t enough. We want to leave something behind to change our world or the world. Sometimes we are changing one person's world, and that has to be enough. At times I feel that I'm not making a difference anymore, and at that moment in time, it's as if spirit has someone tell me how I changed their life. Then I'm happy and back in the game of life again, at least for that moment.

We all need validation at times but at the end of the day, validation comes from us knowing we are doing our soul work. When people start realizing that everyone has something they are being called to, and there is not really an order of importance, they will give freely just for the sake of being called in that direction.

Soul work does not have to be hard or cost a ton of money for you to do. Pay attention to those quiet Angels that say, “Go this way.” if it keeps coming up over and over again, just do it!

There are those that are meant to be on the front lines simply because they have a bigger voice to get people's attention, and spirit will always use us for the highest and

best for all involved. Whether your being called to start a business that benefits many, or your babysitting your grandkids and passing the wisdom on, both are valuable. You will do it YOUR way, and that's the beauty of your soul work. Look at where you're at and pay attention to where you being called to, and know it is never to late to start!

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