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Shake, Rattle & Roll!

Do you feel like it is time for construction on yourself and things in

your life? With the end of this retrograde cycle that we are in, it’s

time to take another good hard look at your life and decide what

still needs to be let go of both physically and emotionally. Finish

up the cleaning out in this cycle. What no longer serves you?

What emotional mind loops do you still find yourself in? Are they

just traps to keep you from moving forward? Time is almost up.

January 1st, we all entered into a new timeline. We are being

forced to up level for fear of being left behind. Mother Earth is

moving whether we like it or not. She’s raising her vibration and

pointing the way for us. She continues to shake, rattle, and roll

with all these floods that are a direct reflection of all of our

emotional bodies that still want to hold onto emotional pain. She

shows us we must let go or be caught up in our own tsunamis.

She continues to have earthquakes as a way to shake off all the

layers of residual anger, frustration, and fear. It's interesting that

many times after an earthquake some new landmass is revealed

or there may be an unveiling of something once buried

underneath. It's what happens to us when we explode and

expose our once-buried feelings and bring them to the surface.

I believe this year will bring manymore Earth changes so take the time

to clean out. Imagine that...our bodies represent the earth and as we

clean out we can hold a higher vibration just like mother earth.

By doing our part to help, her purge, we all win.

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