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Self-worth is a wound that for many doesn't seem to heal. Somewhere along the line, we may have been told we are not enough or told we were bad, stupid or lazy. After time we may begin to believe it and here we are many years later and we still see it playing out in our lives. Conscious or not, it's there and keeps rearing its ugly face hoping to be healed once and for all. If not, it may keep us defending our inner wound.

God made us all unique and different. We all have our own gifts. We have to focus on all the good qualities we have. We all are just trying to do the best we can and that is good enough.

When we deny these implications, lies, and opinions and claim our worth we begin to heal. At first, it may seem so foreign to you. We have all had a personal investment in these wounds. We let the wounds of our life direct us with what we can or can't accomplish, we give our power over to a controller. Do you want an unhealed control freak to lead you in your life? I think not! When we start to break free from it, we can become the observer in our own experience and know that we're doing the best we can. It's as if we wear a mask that starts to crack and chip off and before you know it you can see your perfected self underneath. It was there all along just waiting for you to discover it. The people that once projected all of this on you, were only fearing the real you after all! Claim it, be it, do it and work it all out. Don't waste the opportunity that we call life!

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