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Reuniting With Yourself

First, may I say I hope you all had a peaceful, joy-filled, holiday no matter where you are on the planet or what you celebrate. Today I wish to talk about all the parts of us that keep silent within but are begging to be reunited as a whole. The child parts that have their subtle ways of trying to get you to play more or to lighten up about things. The ones begging to be nurtured more or taken care of more. The adult parts that are just tired of having all the responsibility of doing everything with no end in sight. Think of these as fragments that have broken off and separated from the whole because of trauma or unfulfilled wishes or dreams and disappointments. It is truly time to listen to those voices of the parts that want to be healed so they reclaim themselves as part of the whole in this journey we call life. You can think of it as all these parts being a team that contributes to you being you and when parts are missing it's like having teammates missing on your baseball team. You can't play a game with only a few people there.

In order for you to show up fully you have to have everyone aboard. What if you could sit quietly or meditate on these different parts of you? Ask for the child parts to come forward first. Ask what do you need for me to understand or do in order for you to come back and integrate with the rest of me? Then LISTEN. Do not try to offer advice. Just trust what comes into your head. You may want to journal on the answers you receive.

I think it's important to talk to the child parts of you first. Once you get them aboard the rest will follow. It doesn't have to be so hard. Then you can move onto the other parts of you. The point is they can sabotage you from your dreams if you don't hear what they need or want. Once their needs are in place you can move on to integrating the other parts. Even just starting with a piece of this will make a huge difference.

Since this is the end of the year and a new beginning getting ready to start, work with these unhealed pieces before you start planning your goals and intentions for the new year. It will be easier to accomplish your goals if you do.

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