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Return To Your Roots

The roots I'm talking about is our creator. Whatever you believe in, whomever you think your creator is - whether it's God, Spirit, or the universe, it's time to have a conversation with him, her, or it.

God spoke to me through someone else yesterday. It was a message I needed to pass on for sure! "Talk to me. Let's have a conversation and tell me how angry you are about whatever is going on in the world.”

Often, people think we only go to God to pray or keep it nice, but we can bring those difficult questions to the table. So many of us ask how does God allow this? Now you can ask for yourself and wait for your answer. By having your own personal conversation, you can ask whatever you want without feeling like you're being disrespectful. That's the old leftover voices of the church that makes us feel like we can't go direct, or we have to go through someone else.

Get rid of these old, outdated beliefs, and know that you can express your frustration, anger, or anything else you’re feeling. It's important to note that you can debate, discuss, or even keep asking questions that you need answered. Isn't it better to go direct? You might be surprised at the answers you get.

From personal experience, I have had questions presented right back to me so I can think about the answers. The good news is he or she always has time for us, and will never judge us, get mad, or turn away from us. After all, we have the right to know, understand, and put things to rest.

Whenever something happens that is just beyond painful, at the time we certainly can't understand it and it feels very personal to us. Often, when enough time goes by, we start to understand what we couldn't before. Bring those difficult questions to God and go direct but be willing to hear the answers.

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