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Renewing our Contracts

I think it’s time to review and renew the contracts we made before we

arrived on this planet. Before we came here I believe we all made

certain agreements as we sat with our guidance teams. There were

things we wanted to learn, things we needed to make right from

Karma, things we needed to heal, and people we needed to connect

with in order to fulfill our purpose. Of course, everything seems so

easy as we are figuring it all out on an energetic whiteboard, the sky’s

the limit on that side. Then it's time for us to be born and we take that

360-degree turn through the veil and forget everything we have

agreed upon. We have to find our way using our internal GPS system

to make the right choices, connections, and resources we need to line

up why we’re here. It doesn't always work out of course! Sometimes

once a soul is down here it becomes a free for all, and all is forgotten

as the pleasures of this world draw more importance.

If you have a practice of meditation, this is a great time to sit and see

what you agreed upon and whether it is still valid for you, or not. If not,

change it, no shame. It's best to be on the trail you want to be on with

passion and purpose or forget it. Spirit wants us to find joy and

passion in everything we do, otherwise, what's the point? The time

feels so right for this. Open yourself up and explore all possibilities.

Re-negotiation is an art. It's not giving up, just getting clear on your



wait. Just do it!


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