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With the coldest of the winter months passing by, I think it's a good time to start mentally preparing for Spring since it's right around the corner. There is something in me that feels as we close the door to February, I feel hope stirring in my heart. I think of March as the turning of the wheel, even though Spring Equinox isn't until the end of March. It makes me think of nature and planting inside and waiting for things to grow. It’s a time for us to bloom and grow again after a long winter nap. Most people in the colder climates are starting to feel a stirring in their hearts. Maybe our electric or gas bills will start to drop in price, maybe we won't have to wear such heavy clothes or drive in the snow for much longer. Most of all I feel it is taking us to a time of renewal both body and soul.

What does renewal look like for you? While it's true that in the winter we may be comforting ourselves with warm soups and meals, fires in our fireplaces, snuggling with a loved one, or taking a warm bath, there is something about coming into Spring that gets us excited to get outside more. We may look at our bodies to take inventory before we lift off the camouflage of clothes that have been hiding extra weight, even from us.

March is that early warning month to take inventory and start nurturing yourself, getting the right sleep, finishing up anything left on your winter to-do list so that when the switch gets flipped to Spring you can get outside without any guilt of your housekeeping you captive inside.

Replenish your energy and renew your body and soul as you prepare to get excited to shift into the right frame of mind to make your new list and set your new spring goals as we shift from inner renewal and goals to outer renewal and goals. Completion is key when shifting gears and seasons. You need to feel satisfied with what is. Ask yourself what you have accomplished during this last season? What else is needing completion during this pivot month? Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished? What can you either clean up or get off your list?

Remember - renew, rest, and recharge!

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