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Remembering Our Four-Legged Friends

In such a time of great uncertainty, craziness, and change, it is important for us to remember what is constant, loving, and supportive. Our pets are always there for us, unconditionally supporting us through life. They are there through health challenges, breakups, deaths, losses, and so much more. Some people may see them as more of a fixture in their homes without giving back to them. It's human nature to take those for granted that are always there for us.

In such a difficult time, it is important to express gratitude for the constant in our lives. Ben is always there for me. At times he is there sitting next to me with his support and love. He will move closer to me on the couch when he wants to give more love. He greets people when they would come, and always seems to intuitively know who most needs the love and attention of him. I have had people say they don't like dogs and by the time they leave Ben is all over them. Ben knows they need healing the most. He gives his own love and healing back to whoever needs it.

Animals are so intuitive. We could learn a lot from observing them.

Please remember during this time, they are feeling everything as well. They can feel the earth shifting every time there is an earth change, and they are always checking in to see if they're safe. You are their security since they can't feed themselves, walk themselves, or tell you their feelings. This is why it is so important to tune in to your pets. God gave us these unconditionally loving creatures, and the trade-off is to love them back and care for them with deep gratitude for the service they provide every day. They look at you adoringly just waiting for a pat on the head. Take the time to express your love. Send them some healing. Even talk to them and express what to know. Remember that their little bodies take on for us, so give back and make time for them. It's what is needed at this time. 💕

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