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Rejection Can Be a New Awareness

It's important to know that when something doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to, there is always a blessing in it. Think of rejection as a redirection. It may just be showing you that something better is waiting for you.

Of course, we never know it at the moment it's happening, but in retrospect, it's always clear to us. If you didn't leave that abusive relationship, you would have never met the love of your life. If you didn't get evicted and moved, you would have never lived next door to someone who turned out to be your best friend. These are simple examples, but there are so many more important examples.

Remember that Spirit is always holding a space for you to evolve, grow, and uplevel who you are. Sometimes we are so sure of what we want only to find out in the future that we are thanking God for those unanswered prayers. When we are redirected, we must trust it. Sometimes there is a waiting period, and we must be patient with divine timing. Although we think we are in charge there is much evidence to the contrary.

If we know what we want, take steps in that direction, and then let go and be patient to see what shows up in your field of vision. It will either bring you that or something even better still. Always ask for the highest and best for you. After all, there is something eternal that watches over us and moves us into a course correction when needed. We must trust this force of energy, as it does know what's best for us. So, the next time you're rejected, get excited and watch for something terrific to enter your life. You so deserve it!

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