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Happy Easter everyone! I just love the energy of today. When I think of Easter I think of rebirth, spring, good weather, and the return of the sun coming soon. Rebirth means so much to me right now. The word itself implies some kind of renewal. We all need to feel renewed right now. It has been so discouraging the past year with everyone’s challenges and losses. I feel many people's hearts have been opened as they have witnessed the difficulties that people have had to go through during this time. No one could have predicted how Covid would end up affecting all of us in many different ways. I have to believe that there is an end in sight.

Easter Starts to bring the return of spring flowers and allows us to be hopeful again, of a different way of being, both internally and also in our world. When we are hopeful, we allow for a change to happen. We must see the world and our situation through new eyes. We can choose to have it be different for us. Isn't that what being reborn is about? I'm not speaking of being reborn religiously. If you could take the knowledge you have now and, start over and be reborn with a fresh slate, would you do it? I do believe in second chances and since we have been so restricted, we need to appreciate what we once took for granted. So on this beautiful day, let's appreciate all we do have and own the freedom we still have to live the way we choose to. It could always be worse!

As temperatures are starting to climb, get outside walking, biking, hiking, climbing, or anything else that is your heart's desire and fully enjoy yourself. You might just find that it is enough to shift us right out of our funk, so do what makes you, you!

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