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Really Celebrating Your Birthday

As my birthday is approaching this month, I am reminded that it is a great time for re-evaluation. It is not fixed in stone that we can only do this New Years. I like the idea of doing it on Your Birthday as well. It makes more sense since it is YOUR powerful day. We would want to do this twice a year. We could look back on the last year since our last birthday to see what good we have done for others or in the world. We could review the year to see if we were in alignment with what we chose to accomplish towards our goals.

We could notice who or what came into our life to help assist us on our journey. We could grieve, and honor anything we had to let go of. We could notice how much we have grown both internally, and externally. We could observe where we are out of balance in our life. We could make new goals aligned with our dreams, and create a plan that involves enjoying life this year as well. We could create a ritual or ceremony that honors us even for trying, and letting the rest go as we create a new fresh slate for the next year.

We can chose to forgive all those that were blaming or resenting for something. We could light a candle to remind us that we are light, and to light we shall return. We could actually do something we would like to do; we could say YES to things, and learn how to say NO! At the end of the day it’s your birthday, and you should celebrate your own arrival. Enjoy yours!


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