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Re-Birthing the Devine Mother

We are at such a dark time in his-story that the Divine Mother’s energy

is needed more than ever. We need the energies and gifts of the

Mother to see us through. As we are beaten up daily by our

surroundings, the world, and what is being asked of us that seems

almost impossible, we need to up our self-care and gentleness of our

body, mind, and spirit.

We still have a long time to go to let the light quotient increase enough

to wash over the remaining darkness on planet Earth.

We must stay steadfast in our belief that it is all possible and at the

same time send out the clarion call for the Mother energy that is

needed at this time.

A while ago Mother Mary came to me to tell me that we need to call on

her and get back to doing the rosary beads because of the time we

are in. This is not a religious or Christian thing. Do any form of prayer

and call the Divine Mother in with her compassion, unconditional love,

patience, strength, and wisdom for humanity and for each one of us

personally. Some of us have been doing this work for so long, holding

the light, and energy that we are at the place that we need to hand off

the shuttle stick but there’s no one to pass it to. The best thing we all

can do is refresh and replenish our bodies and souls and that's why

the Mother is needed at this time.

Call out to her and watch what


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