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Planning Ahead & Being Prepared

No matter how organized or prepared you are, you're not! We had no idea of what was to come with this pandemic and all that it would entail. There's definitely a lesson to be learned from this. We need to be as prepared as we can and working with what we have to prepare for future problems. Preparing isn’t saying that we are pushing the scale in that direction. It says that just in case something happens again, no matter what is is, we’re better prepared. From illness to technology fails and even weather related disruptions, we need to prepare some in advance. Let’s learn from our past.

We're always going to have some obstacles on our path, disruptions, and even time outs. With trying to anticipate the many things that could happen to us, let’s solve the potential problem ahead of time by being better prepared. What could derail you and your family? What’s most important? As I think of what’s most important, food and water come to mind. At least having a little extra on hand without hoarding. Some are fortunate enough to have plots of land or co-op gardens where you can grow your own vegetables. For those who can’t, stock up on some things that you can have in an emergency. Extra pasta, protein mix, etc. It's true that it's everybody’s responsibility to take care of themselves, but sometimes people don’t have the capability to do that. I would hope in a situation like that you would help others out if your readily prepared. By just taking a few steps to be better prepared, it can save you the worry of asking what do we do now if something else happens. 

Your intuition is always your best guide in an emergency. Trust your gut first. What’s the first hit you get intuitively? If you take care of things in order of importance, you will be glad you did. Also, having a bag for each person ready with a change of clothes and essentials just in case you have to leave your house temporarily, is always a good idea. By being prepared, what’s the worse that could happen? You rotate your food and water? Big deal. Just do it. You will be so glad you did.

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