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Owning Your Divinity

One path is the pathway of love, acceptance, and forgiveness, the one that God or Spirit has laid out for us. The other one is full of judgment, blame, shame, and pointing a finger at everyone else. We are living in a time where we really have to remember our own divinity. Deep down at the core of who we are, we all need to remember that we are love and extension of our creator. With that said, we need to ask ourselves why we are witnessing this spiritual virus spreading like wildfire?

I speak of people turning against one another because of their right to choose what's right for them and their free will choice, whatever it is, concerning whatever. This hatred, fear, and separation are slowly dimming the soul light we came in with. It makes me so sad to see this running rampant in the so-called spiritual community.

At this time it is so important, more than ever before, to spread the light. I feel like Spirit is whispering, “remember who you are.” It appears that we need to wake up from a long sleep and start to band together and pray. Open up our hearts and as the song says, come together, right now. Do not turn your back on others that may need you at this difficult time. See yourself as the well that people come to drink from, be it

Information, relief, shared resources, or whatever. The minute you agree to be of service, people will find you, whether in the grocery store, at a gathering, or even on the street taking a walk.

A long time ago, I went to the original Woodstock. The most amazing thing was not the fabulous music. It was the acceptance of everyone, whether you had purple or green hair, smoking pot or not, young or old, etc. When I think of being in the present moment, that was the perfect example of it because of the overwhelming number of people who showed up, they weren't prepared. It was the people who shared food, blankets, and everything else with one another. We took care of one another. There were no major problems with one another. Everyone came together with a common goal, to just have fun. What would it look like if we pooled together with prayer and determination to change this separation?

We need to pray for unity again. Be kind to yourself, others, the earth, and the animals. Know that we can make a huge difference just by pooling together and letting our differences be like different colors of the rainbow. All the colors are unique by themselves but pool together to create something even more beautiful. That should be the way we look at ourselves and each other. We are Divine just by our very nature, remember that and get back to basics with prayer in any form and helping one another. It works!

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