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Overlapping Cycles

As many of you know, we are entering a new cycle or new age. As we exit this old cycle, we may feel lots of strange sensations moving through our bodies and/or awareness. It takes a while to move from the old cycle and enter a new one, and you may feel shaken to the core. We may feel overlapping cycles or timelines. It’s like having one foot in each world and sometimes we’re pulled one way and sometimes the other way. Things may seem amplified as we try to navigate in unknown territories. There is a breaking away from who you used to be, waiting for the new YOU to show up. Many have been powered by the ego, and we're stuck in a dance of control, power, and me, my, and I. The construct of timelines that no longer serve you unless you want to hang on to what is collapsing day by day. Resist hanging on my friends to the 3-D world. Navigate in the new direction of the world that is headed to new realities and future construction that is directed from your heart. Bring to conscious awareness the memories from the ancient past. You will remember the importance of non-resistance and the excitement about the newness and freshness of creating anew. There is always uncertainty when we move into something new, and the confusion that comes from these overlapping cycles, but if we can imagine we are hang gliding and coasting with these changes, all will be well.

As we go through these shifts it is important to remember that anything that leaves your life, is meant to be. Higher vibrations will always replace whatever you let go of. The difficulty may be that we have no guide or map to help us along the way, but we need to remember that we are the teachers we have been waiting for. Remember that the future is not written yet, so we must stay conscious of our thoughts, dreams, and wishes both personally and collectively.

In front of you, each of you has a drawing board just like an architect uses and you can create, erase, or adjust whatever you need to. Have fun with it and remember as my grandmother used to say, “what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.”


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