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Opening Your Intuitive Channels

In case you haven't noticed, something is calling us to go even deeper with our spiritual growth and explore more of our Divine wisdom. People are starting to awaken in massive numbers. We are being guided to explore these inner depths of our souls. Every day we are given intuitive signs and signals about which way we need to go in our lives. Are you listening? Are you following the breadcrumbs you have left for yourself? I hope so. Although you may have readers, teachers, and healers in your life, we are here to guide you and validate from your guides and guardians whether you are following the path that will lead you to what you came to do, be, have, or create. We open our intuitive channels to give you gentle nudges along the way in case your guides want you to course correct. It is never too late to make one, no matter how far in you may be. It's always better to follow your authentic path than to walk down someone else’s.

Opening your intuitive channels can help you at a moment's notice. You may be in a situation where you have to make a choice right then and there and there is no one to ask or bounce something off of. Would you feel confident enough to believe in your own gifts? I hope so. Although we may be at different levels in our own development of them, we all have our own style, strengths, and gifts. It's like something that has always been there but you may have not paid attention to it. With everything going on in the world right now, it's perfect timing to tune in and turn up the volume.

Start by putting in your butt time. Meditation and quiet time are a must if you're wanting to develop your gifts even more. There is not one of us that can't benefit from more meditation time. As you start to receive information, trust it! It may not seem profound at first. Remember, if you just got your permit, Spirit is not going to give you a Maserati to drive your first day out. You may not have the skills just yet to handle it. It takes time, although things are happening at lightning speed these days. Whatever level you’re at - practice, practice, practice. By journaling the information that comes through, you’ll be able to better validate your information when it all starts coming together. Remember, we all shine in our own way. What are you waiting for?


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