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Open-Hearted Presence

I have learned that it is so important to stay in the present moment especially when there is a lot going on. It helps me to go inside of my body when things try to pull me in other directions, and my ego starts trying to get my attention. Since I believe that the heart really is my commander and chief of my body, I go to my heart first. No matter what is going on outside I connect with my heart and center myself. I imagine that the inside of my heart is smiling like one of those smiley faces. I pause and send my physical heart, light, and love inside. When that feels complete, I move to the inside of my eyes. I imagine that my eyes are smiling, sending light to my physical eyes. I continue to move to other parts of my body, smiling inside and sending bright light. When I think of this, I imagine being open and present to what is in that moment. Often, we can't change what's happening outside of us, especially in the big picture, but this is a way to take charge of ourselves. By seeing your organs and cells smiling, it changes the frequency in the body, and by the time you do this meditation, you feel completely different and ready to deal with the world again.

When you leave your environment and go out into the world you will feel so different. You will not be reactive to those crazy drivers or grumpy people. You will be still feeling the effects of your body smiling on the inside. If you start to get pulled into someone else’s drama, pause and reconnect to your smile. You will soon be smiling on the outside as well. Try smiling with your eyes. If we can see through the eyes to the soul, imagine sending your smile through your eyes to someone else’s eyes while being open-hearted. Stare right into their eyes while sending the energy and watch what happens. It's like sending a mini healing to someone. How could they possibly be in a bad mood after that? But it's important not to have any expectations, you are simply doing this because it makes YOU feel good. In time and with practice it will become so easy, without even thinking about it. I challenge you to try this and take it on the road. You will be so glad you did. 💜


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