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Now is the Time For Shifting

With everything going on in the world one thing is clear, it’s time for a change. If we don’t start shifting the way we live, the way that we see things, and the way that we need to make changes, then everything remains the same. I have lived for a long time witnessing things that are an extension of people’s hurt and pain and yet still it goes on. Every day we see acts of violence, anger, and an example of how people continue to live their life in pain. We are forced to do our inventory within to see where we’re still holding our pain or unhealed issues of the past.

I’ve been told I’m a dreamer because I do dream of a world where there is peace and unity for all. It’s something that haunts me as if I have a memory of it somewhere deep in my soul. I absolutely believe that this is the time, a time like never before to start to make this a reality. Haven’t we hurt enough? Haven’t we lost enough? I have. Don’t be in denial my friends, whatever happens to one, happens to all. Tomorrow it could be something in your life that your fighting for.

Today I choose to pray, open my heart even more, and be an example of love to all I meet. Sometimes it only takes a smile to shift something. I noticed the other day wearing our masks, that all we can see is people’s eyes. I was reminded that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Look deep into them and hold space for healing for yourself, the past, for others, and for Mother Earth. If we look deep enough into someone else’s eyes, we see ourselves. After all, we’re all one. If we stay conscious about what we’re trying to do, you will start to notice the shifts that are happening around you. At first, they might seem subtle, but after a while, you will get the proof you need that just one person can make a difference, one smile at a time. It’s time to shift our focus on what we DO want and not on what we DON’T want. If it feels right to you, let’s band together and start shifting inside and become an observer to what is possible. I’m counting on YOU………

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