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New Moon Solar Eclipse

The new moon solar eclipse happened yesterday on Saturday, October 14 but this opens a door or window that will be open until October 28th. The effects of this eclipse will last for six months. This will happen at 21 degrees Libra. It's important to know what area of your life you are being asked to pay attention to and make changes to.

If you have an astrology chart look for what house you have Libra at 21 degrees in. There are free sites where you can type in your birth time and information to see where Libra falls in your chart. I am offering a short session if anyone wants me to look at their chart for a small fee. Let me know.

The significance of a new moon solar eclipse is like a new moon on steroids. Every new moon is about new beginnings but in order to have a new beginning we have to think about what is no longer serving us. We have be be willing to let go of something to create more space. Sometimes it takes time to get really clear on it, let go of the fear, and challenge yourself to want something greater in your life. Sometimes our past tries to hold us back. Maybe we feel where we are in life is enough, and we shouldn’t dare ask for more. That is definitely old-school thinking. I invite you to dream big no matter where you are in life. Age, education, or money doesn't matter. It's your passion that matters!

The first part of creating is to remember what you need to clear out. Make a list of what doesn't have any energy anymore. What's begging to be put to bed? What is sucking up your money, time, and energy with little or no return? Start there. Write it out. There may be people you need to let go of as well. Below is a simple ritual that will help you let go.

Meditate on what you are willing to let go of. Get a piece of paper and write at the top of it, Dear Spirit (God) this is what I am willing and able to let go of with grace and ease.

Then list it all. Don't forget to include old patterns or habits. Remember that you don't have to know how it will happen. Leave that to Spirit. At the bottom of the paper write Thank you in advance, and sign your name. Fold the paper away from you because you want to get rid of it. Then safely burn it.

Then take a cleansing bath with oils and a special candle-burning and while you wash think of cleansing yourself of the old. Then, see it done!

Another thing is the give-away. If you want to clean out your house from things you no longer need ask yourself, Is there someone who would love this or could use this? If so, give it away. In doing this you are creating space for something new to come in.

Next week on my Instagram I will be giving you the next step on rituals for new beginnings, as that is the next step in the process. Follow me at @brendaedwards_intuitive


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