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New Earth, New Reality

What do you envision for the new earth? Remember it's only limited by your own imagination. It's so easy to see all that is wrong with everything in the world, but what if it was up to you to create anew? Could you do a better job creating? The planet needs healing, and so do the people.

Let's assume it's all our job to start planning the New Earth. Start by picking some area of interest that you would like to see differently, and start to bring to mind only what will be an improvement to this world. Think about what will benefit all, not just a selected few. You do not have to know how it will happen, only what you would like to see change. I believe that if we hold the vision long enough, with enough people, it can become a reality. We just need to hold the same vision for peace, abundance for all, and a world where we care about one another while sharing our dreams.

This new reality is what we need most. Please keep believing in the power to change. I still believe it's possible for Mother Earth and nature to heal from all that has been done from the negativity, pollution, and neglect. When I think about that statement I can also relate to the negativity, pollution, and neglect we have done to ourselves.

It hasn't been an easy ride, but with a little love in our hearts, we can still come through.

Please don't wait, as the earth needs us now. Use your best imagination skills and think about what heaven on earth would look like. Then just like an artist with a paintbrush, create on your blank canvas. It's your creation, and your unique, and so is your dream. Even if we just create something that is better than what has been created already, we will be doing ok.

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