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Navigating the Changes

What a long hard road this has been. It seems like a decade since Covid, and the way things used to be. When I try to reflect back, I can barely remember the normalcy of before. There have been so many changes. There are loved ones that will never be joining us at the dinner table again, lost jobs, and so many struggles that we were not there before. Also, the separation continues to creep in like cancer spreading its damages that run wide and deep. I myself ask when are these changes going to end. The hardest part of all this is figuring out how to navigate through it all. Many may feel the change is outside of themselves if they haven't had a personal loss. You think you are getting along just fine and coping with what is but what affects the one, affects the whole.

We are not an isolated entity going through these changes. Humanity is shifting and so is the old earth to the new one. We will be lucky when all is said and done if we can even recognize remnants of the old.

Navigating change can be tricky at best. We must remember that as a civilization, we are climbing the ladder to our spiritual growth and evolution. Even though we may know this intellectually, it's easy to forget. As we have all been prepared for this before we even came to this lifetime, it's time to pull up that information from our memory banks. How do I need to be? What do I need to do? How may I be of better service to my fellow travelers during this transition? These are questions we all need to ask ourselves all the time.

If you're reading these words then you are on the path. Even though we may all be at different levels of awakening, we share the earth, and therefore it's our mission as guardians to care for one another including the animals and the earth herself. Mother earth can only take so much since she's been stuffing it down for eons. If we learn how to navigate through these changing times, we can make this transition easier for all of us. Remember, don't judge yourself or anyone else’s process. In the end, we will all arrive together.

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