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Moving On From Summer

As you find yourselves closing the door to summer, you may be left with a bad taste in your mouth. You may feel that it came and went too quickly, that you never got to do the things you normally would do, or even enjoying the family parties you usually have. As the end of this season is rapidly approaching, we do have control over how we want to leave it in our minds. We can be grateful for who we are and what we still have during this difficult time. We can take inventory and remember how precious just being alive is. After everything we have gone through since March, we can be grateful that we’re still standing. It really helps us look at what’s really important. There will be a next summer where we can have fun and enjoy the things we love, but how we process things can make all the difference in the world. Do we stand on the side that says poor me I didn’t get to x,y, and z or I am glad my family is healthy and safe? It really is up to us.

It is helpful to focus on what you can claim from this summer. Name a few things that feel good to you that you love about summer and then move onto fall. Get excited about fall and everything it represents to you. Fall can be such an exciting time, especially in New England. It is such a colorful, beautiful, tapestry that reminds us of how majestic nature is. So don’t give up on fall and the things you are wanting to do. Many of those things just involve you getting outside. I am hopeful that you can make it all happen!

Goodbye Summer, Welcome Fall!

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