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Moments of Impact

Moments of impact define who we are. Without a moments notice everything can change for us. Whether it is an illness, accident, divorce, death of a loved one, or people just taking your energy, it can really knock us off track. When we’re in it everything seems so urgent. Whether it is or not, everything feels like life or death. We have to pull ourselves together best we can and still show up for our daily life and routines. It can be so hard trying to think clearly and make quick decisions that may have to be made in a nanosecond. We just pray to get through these difficult times.

When some time has passed, we can start to see the why of why we went through this.

In looking back, we may either be happy with the choices we made or not but there is truly nothing we can do about it now. We may even be able to look back and see the situation as a superpower you had all along to eventually be led in the right direction.

We have to remember that whatever we are going through is just a snapshot in time.

I remember as a child my grandmother saying, “this too shall pass.” That never seemed to give me comfort. It really sucks when you are in it.

It's time to own your superpowers. Think of a traumatic time that you went through. What got you out of bed in the morning? What were your superpowers? Were they focus, logic, intuition, strength, courage, determination, belief? Who helped you to get through it was it friends, family, or God? What were the action steps you had to take?

Could you follow this protocol if you have another moment of impact? There are many of these in our lives, and we keep hoping for the current one to be our last one, but folks we are on Earth after all, and although there are many wonderful things about being human on Earth, we keep having challenges and lessons to get through. It's almost like a big video game where you can fall into a hole with your ball, and lose all your points. But if we are persistent, we can build from these moments of impact, learn how to best deal with it, and have a fresh slate once again. I forgot to mention that they’re can be good moments of impact as well. We can fall in love, give birth to our first child, improve our health drastically, heal from a disease, save someone's life, adopt a pet, and make a difference in one person's life. So the next time you feel the start of one coming, know that you are fully prepared and armed for whatever the universe throws at you.

Just Relax!


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