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Mind Programming

From the moment we come out of the womb our programming begins. Just like a computer program, our well-wishing families and peers start gradually entering their opinions about what is good or what is bad. In the first 8 years of our lives, we are open to everything that we see, hear, or are told is true. It's not like our loved ones do it deliberately, for the same thing was done to them, and it just continues on. The people we surround ourselves with and their vibration influence everything.

Once we really get this concept, we can make new conscious choices. Why is it so hard to keep this front and center in our minds? We all know this but how quickly we forget or make exceptions for this or that? When we do that, we can expect a backlash of lower vibrational attractions in our life whether they are events or circumstances that we don't necessarily want in our lives.

Many of us have been programmed in our relationships. Why is it that many feel not good enough? All we need is one partner to suggest by their actions or words that we're not deserving of love, and even though the rest of our world may suggest differently, we still believe the programming of that one person. It can quickly spread like cancer to all areas of our lives. Before we know it we don't feel deserving of love, money, or anything good in our lives. At what point are we willing to believe something different? At what point can we see the loving person that we are?

Here are the facts as I see them on planet earth. We all come here to learn and experience everything. We make choices about what is our truth and preference in life. We can change our minds whenever we want to. We can reach for higher vibrational thoughts, words, and actions that will change the old programming. At the end of the day, it's up to us to change the old programming, and then be the example for everyone that you are responsible for. We all don't like to be told what to do, how to think or behave, but by holding a higher vibration and modeling that for those around us, we give others a choice by example. We do have free will on this planet for a reason. Simply put, if the people you surround yourself with feel good, then continue to be around them. If you feel drained after being with them, make a change. Claim your power to choose.

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