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Measuring Your Quality of Life

How do you measure your quality of life? Is it by how much money you make or the kind of job you have? Maybe it's by how many lives you have touched along the way.

Whatever it is, it should be measured by your happiness meter. By asking yourself how truly happy you are with your life can tell a lot if you are honest with yourself.

Wealth and prosperity come in many forms. I feel prosperous every day when I look at the beautiful souls I get to assist, the work I do, my family and friends, and of course Ben. I have always been able to identify wealth beyond dollars. So many things bring me happiness. Walking my dog, dancing, meditation, having a date with my honey, girl time, great spiritual conversations, personal growth work, travel, bubble baths, the work, connection, creativity, time with family, play, fun events, writing, walking on the beach, and so much more.

If we measure our achievements in other ways, as long as it brings me happiness, and expands my heart energy while letting more light in, it's good. If it depletes me or dims my light, I need to course correct or choose again.

It really is quite simple. Ask yourself what is out of alignment in your life with your happiness meter and make a change by always choosing a higher vibrational match. It may take you a few tries to get to where you really want to be, the perfect fit, but in time you will get there. Always leave enough time for your self-care and enjoyment activities. Start today.

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