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Manifesting From Who You Are

Manifesting can be such a tricky thing. Since the "Secret", everyone thinks that if we think about what we want then we get it. It's a little more complicated than that. First off, the universe always answers our questions, but sometimes we don't realize just what we are asking for. We say we want this, and act like that. Our beliefs, thoughts, programs, and traumas seem to lead the way unconsciously. To manifest fully, we need to heal everything we’re willing to. We have to remain conscious of all of this at every moment. It all can get pretty confusing at times. Our energy seems to be seeping out in at least 100 different directions at any given moment, and we have problems staying focused on what we want. We may think that if we think twice during the day about all our dreams and desires, we manifest them.

If we have doubts and fears whispering in our ear about who are we to manifest what we want, and all that good work just gets canceled out. Now let's add watching the negative news, fighting with the boss, and complaining all day about the state of the world. That immediately cancels out what you're trying to create. I suggest that you start your day when you first get up by focusing on your dream for at least 15 minutes, then decide how you want your day to go, and stay laser-focused, and stay in alignment with the vibration of what to want. Sometimes we have to deal with unpleasant things, and when that happens immediately notice what we're noticing. Are you getting too emotional? How does your body feel? This will give you the first clue that you're losing your energy. I call it leaking. When you leak you lose your power and lower your vibration. When this happens you are out of alignment with what you want. Someone once told me you have 3 minutes to process or get upset and then you have to move on. If you do it longer, it then affects your vibration and blocks your dreams and future creations. So the next time you go on a complaining rampage make sure it's worth it!

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