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Limiting Beliefs Can Delay Our Transformation

Everyday many think of their limiting beliefs over and over again, without any relief in sight. They can’t seem to get off the stress loop of worry, anxiety, and just plain fear. The more their attention goes in that direction, the more things seem to stay the same. All the wishing and hoping for another way just seems to escape them. It’s important to remember when we get stuck that transformation is our God-given right. It is why we’re here and why we’ve come to earth.

There are many benefits that come when we’re ready for transformation. Look at where the world is right now with Covid. Everyone has had so many changes as we’re forced to transform things that are no longer working in our lives and in the world. It’s like we have all hit a brick wall and now we have to step it up. What used to work, will not anymore. We are being forced to live and think in a new way, yet many of us don’t even know what that is yet.

In order to transform it requires different thinking. Transformation requires a consciousness of abundance. If you can stay in this thinking, the more abundance will come to you. You may be able to attract what you want or need at the moment but you will not be able to hold onto it if you don't practice that thinking. You must open to new possibilities in your life. Expand what you believe is or could be possible. By imagining and visualizing what you want and bringing in the feeling you imagine you will have when you get it, this acts as an attractive beam to bring it in. Once you have been successful with this, repeat it over and over again. If those limiting beliefs start to replay, turn to choose what images will help you remember what you want to create. Esther Hicks calls them shooting rockets of desires out into the world. This will raise your vibration and help you in the moment. When you have enough moments, you can string them together like a strand of pearls and rely on your newfound tools to get you through challenging moments.

As we all travel through the gap of what once was and what the new normal will be, let’s remember that in the end change can be delightful!


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