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Lifting the Veil

Every now and than we are given proof of something bigger then ourselves. Sometimes it's wild to try to wrap your head around it. Even science can’t explain it. Gerard and I had one of those experiences a few weeks ago in Sedona. I have a favorite tree there located in the Divine Feminine Vortex and I stood before the tree and had Gerard take my picture with my phone. What followed was so wild. The picture showed a huge orb over my head, some kind of orb under me with flames and colors in it and 2 platforms of arced light under me. Whatttttttt? My feet were in the dirt and it looked like I was standing on plexiglass. My daughter had just taken a picture minutes before and nothing showed up. I felt that Spirit lifted the veil between this world and other dimensions. They allowed us to see proof of the Spirit world. Spirit knew full well that I would be showing this picture to my tribe. I have shown it to several of my classes and everyone has been so amazed. I couldn’t help but think that this was exactly what we needed to keep believing and have faith in such challenging times. It gave me a spiritual shot in the arm for sure. I felt lifted and inspired. That’s not all! After this experience, I was able to climb all these stairs and go 3/4 of the way up. Still healing from a concussion, this was not something I could do before. I felt really healed. Was this visitation of the light about this? Perhaps. I have since printed this picture out and continue to see new things in it. We will be posting it on the website for you to see real soon. Stay open and learn.

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