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Life Review of You

One of the things people have asked me over and over again is whether we really have a life review when we leave this earth. Since I have had two NDE (near-death experiences) I am always happy to share my experience. Again, this was my experience. I can't comment on other people's experiences. What I saw was me looking at my life and feeling every experience that I went through or what other people felt as a result of something I said or did. Isn't that interesting that we get to feel what others felt as a result of what we did good or bad? I started to have some regrets. Nothing major, just kid stuff. This was a major wake-up call for me.

I was thinking recently about what if we could all check in once a year and review our own life so far. Looking at major and minor things that have occurred in our life. Asking what could we have done differently? How could we have been more compassionate to ourselves or others?

By reviewing our own life more often, we can humble ourselves and admit to our mistakes. Let's correct things while we are here. It's no longer necessary to wait until our life review on the other side to feel bad and not be able to correct them then.

There are many ways to resolve things we are sorry for. You can do a write and burn, where you write out what you would like to say to someone and fold it away from you and burn it. The message at some level would go out into the ethers and reach the destination on another level. It will free you to let it go. If you would like to, you could actually call the person, and apologize or reframe the situation. Yes, that takes a lot to admit we may have handled something wrong, but in the end, the repair is measurable. If you don't want to handle things this way, you are free to just start fresh in every moment. Make the decision to act as if a Master teacher was watching you because they really are.

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