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Levels of Awakening

We are living in times of intense negativity. It feels like it's coming from all directions. People are suffering from money issues, health issues, no job, or just the pain of being here at this time. We are all affected and infected by the vibration. I am not trying to bring anyone down, but we have to look at the truth.

Although we are in a time of great awakening, we need to stay centered and balanced more than ever. Whatever your go-to is, whether it's prayer, meditation, chanting, or whatever makes you get to a balanced place, is what is needed.

When negative thoughts or worries come into you use the two-minute rule. Ask is this going to kill me in the next two minutes and if your answer is no, then move on, as it is an irrational fear. If it's a yes, make an adjustment in the situation. Another tool is erase and replace. When those thoughts are hanging out with you, replace them with some positive thoughts and cancel the old ones out. Always pick a higher vibe that will put you in a higher state of awareness. These work!

There are so many things that trigger us only to move us through and uplevel to a higher state of awakening and consciousness. As long as we stay conscious of it all we keep moving and remember that's what we’re here for. If you’re reading this, this reminder is for you!

Sometimes when I'm checking in about something I can't understand from my human side, I have to get clear and let all emotions fall to the wayside, and when I get really quiet, I become hyper-aware of my surroundings and almost feel I am eavesdropping on a bigger conversation like I am on an etheric hotline. I am given the information pertinent to that moment where it all makes sense. This gives me a whole new meaning to everything happens for a reason. Then I keep my heart and arms wide open to see what the next right step is for either myself or another.

In the times ahead we really need to be helping our families, neighborhoods, communities, and the world as much as we can so we can beat this and continue on the right path for all.

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