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Laughter is Good Medicine

We often forget that laughter itself is good medicine for not only our soul but for our bodies as well. With all the serious things that are happening around us, it is so important to find moments of joy and to find things to laugh at, especially at ourselves! I remember when I first saw the movie "The Secret about The Law of Attraction", there was a part in it about a woman with cancer, and she made the decision to watch nothing but funny movies for months that just made her laugh, and her cancer left her. Imagine the kind of power that holds. As we know the power of our thoughts, words, and deeds!

It can also work in the other direction if we decide to only watch violent movies and the news. Imagine what that does to us as well. In this very difficult time that we're in, be aware and stay conscious of what vibration is radiating out from you. Are you helping clean up this mess or are you adding to it? These are just some simple ways for us to participate in the healing of the planet.

Let's look at some things that irritate us or may get us angry. You may get cut off in traffic, a rude cashier, someone says something to hurt your feelings, a loved one loses patience with you, or maybe you're angry because you gained a few Covid pounds. In each of these examples, you may feel justified to be upset and I understand, but what if we didn't take it seriously? Is it a life or death situation? No!

Have we not learned anything going through this past year? I'm just suggesting if we can learn to laugh at ourselves and others it would be a lot healthier for all of us. So the next time something happens to make you angry, pause and take a deep breath, and remember it's just not that important. Then think of something funny to make you smile again.

I have a 30-day challenge for you!

Only watch funny movies for the next month and see if you feel any different. Also, notice what may have changed in your life as a result of it, and most importantly, keep smiling; people will wonder why you are so happy.

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