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Labor Day

Labor Day, what does it mean anyway? Labor Day is a day when we honor all the workers that contribute to making things happen in the world. I was thinking, what if we attached a different meaning to it? What if it was really about honoring those that serve selflessly? We could honor those already making a difference; we could start our own movement to look at what we can add to our life to make a bigger difference in who and what we can serve in life. Thinking of it as a labor of love implies there is work to be done, but if we see it as an act of love we can complete any task that we set out to do. It’s all about putting someone else’s needs first. If there is a need, then there is a solution and someone that can complete it. Sometimes we may see a need and recognize that doing it alone it may be too large to accomplish. That’s why we have each other here. We can get a group together and each of us can take a piece, and step by step accomplish something greater than if we were doing this on our own.

What are you willing to get passionate about? Who do you want to help? Are there any causes you see a need for your gifts and talents? By doing things for others, it will feed your soul. Sometimes by just being willing to help is enough. Allow Spirit to put you in the right place and time, along with the right attitude, and the rest will just seem to happen as if by Divine Synchronistic means. Spirit will always put you on the right path to meet a need for someone.

There are certain color rays that we are born under, and each ray represents a path. My path is Love In Action along with many of you. Putting Love In Action should feel naturalto us who are born under this path. Amplify the way you show up for others, give a little more, and do a little more. Take a moment today to honor the ways that people are showing up as a labor of love. 💖


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