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Keepers Of The light

This is a channeled message from The Keepers Of The Light. Dear ones, This is a time of allowing yourself to disengage from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. You have all been so programmed to rush throughout your day, that you don’t even realize the gifts you are missing; people to connect with, conversations that are important, and observing your life as you slow down and witness for yourself. We ask that you allow some time of everyday to be quiet, now more than ever before. Your central nervous system needs to shake off all frequency’s that are stray ones geared to bring more imbalance to you. Your bodies were never meant to hold all the stressors that you are now dealing with. It will require even more down time than ever before to regain your stability, and align with your souls mission once again. Do not allow yourself to get caught up with the illusions of your world, and ultimately let yourself become distracted, and fall off track with what you have worked so hard for. Your world is struggling to remember the goodness, and light that still exists there. We ask that you become the light and turn up the volume, as you spread it out into your world with every step you take. Make every conversation count. Choose your words wisely, and know the force IS always with you!

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