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It's the Little Things

In a crazy world where there is so much confusion and pain let's take

a Calgon Moment for those of you old enough to remember that

commercial, Calgon take me away. For a split second, you would be

lost in the moment, being carried away by some wonderful memory,

and just for that moment you would know everything would be ok. By

the way, Calgon was dish detergent and the lady would be washing

the dishes as she seemed to be magically transported in time. If only

we could purchase it by the gallons now and let it do its thing.

I believe that sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring us joy.

When I am at the beach listening to the waves coming into the shore,

that brings me joy. When you have young grandchildren and you

watch them grow, or a brand new puppy cuddling with you, that brings

me joy. Walking through a Sunflower field as they seem to be smiling

at you as they reach for the heavens standing at attention brings me


Watching your flowers bloom for the first time, walking in the rain,

enjoying a sleepover with your girls, being at a concert watching your

favorite group perform, all bring me joy.

What do these all have in common you ask? You are totally in the

moment watching and accepting what is. Nothing more, nothing less.

At these times we feel content with the little things without having big

expectations about what tomorrow will bring and whether it will be

good or bad. Just for today let's find something to be satisfied with that

simply makes us happy. 💜


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