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Intelligence in Everything

Do you realize that every thought, feeling, and desire we have has intelligence in it?

Every time we have an idea of some creative project that we want to launch, it's the same. When we send out rockets of desire (as Esther Hicks says) of what we wish to manifest or plant seeds of what we want to create, intelligence is planted within it. Then why is it that we doubt that all the right resources will show up when it's time? As I've said before, timing is tricky at this time. I would love to wave a magic wand and accelerate all your hopes and dreams, mine included, but that's not the way it works down here.

If you look back at something you created in the past, all the wishing and hoping that it sped up, didn't help. If you were completely honest with yourself, and enough time has passed you can now see why it didn't happen sooner.

It's clear to me in my life looking back that I had lessons to learn, people I needed to

still connect with, and new and improved ways to tweak whatever it was I was working on. That intelligence knew exactly what I needed before I did. It knew the exact time it needed to lie dormant in that stillness. Maybe the world isn't quite ready for your creation of mastery. Whatever the case, our job is to create what we would love, and if we try and launch it and nothing happens or we're not happy with the outcome, be patient and let go for now. When you're focused on something else for a while it seems to supercharge the energy surrounding what you put aside for the moment. Sometimes it's a week, a month or even longer but we need to keep believing in ourselves and our guidance no matter what it is telling us.

This intelligence truly does know what's best and acts like a little sign from Spirit saying to go this way. You will know this by your intuition, and the signs and signals around you. That's the signal to pick it up and try again with all your heart. Now you will know that you have the right timing and the support of the invisible world.

Sometimes our ego wants to desperately be in charge and doesn't want to surrender control or make anything outside ourselves. I can understand that way of thinking, but I have learned to say, UNCLE, and surrender to that cosmic knowing. After all, it's so much easier if we listen the first time.

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