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Pretty soon we should be back to our schedules and trying to find a new normal. Although it seems like a long time that we have been quarantined, freedom is coming quickly. Then we'll all be complaining about having no time, the kid's schedule, cooking dinner, and so much more. I hope not! In order to go back with a fresh mindset and outlook, we must plan it now. I am writing this in mid-May, and as of now don’t know when that will be. But having a plan is always the best move forward. Most people somewhat know what is important to them, but still don’t write it down. That doesn’t compute with me. I on the other hand, write everything down and since I’ve been doing that, I manifest like crazy. It helps me to stay on track or focused. Granted I can get a little list crazy, but cut me some slack my fellow Virgo’s. You know how we are. There is nothing better than crossing off multiple things off multiple lists. What a high! 

Start by thinking about what you want to put into action when you're back in the world again. You could make a list of each area; physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental to bring balance back in. You could also look at where you want to make a difference and how. Re-evaluate if you still love your job or is it time to move on. What relationships have not supported you at this time and do you still want them in your life. What would you like to do to improve your relationships? Does your health need any improvement? 

Another way to start is to use your bucket list as a launching pad and add action steps and by when. Eventually you will get all the way up a mountain by taking baby steps. Your dreams are just waiting for you to define them and put the pen to the paper. No one has to see your list. This allows you to cross out, erase or start over. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be a start. Sometimes by asking a question it will get the ball rolling. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could……………

Don’t think about it just fill in that blank, over and over again for at least 15 minutes. I’m sure it will surprise you as to all the ideas that come up. Just start it today.

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