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With everything that has happened lately, I keep thinking of John Lennon. He brought us some amazing songs with such meaning. When I think of "Imagine" or "Give Peace A Chance", it really puts me in a hopeful place for our planet and our people. Just the words alone inspire me. He really was some kind of master. Imagine, he was really talking about heaven on earth. What woul it be like to have peace on this planet with no separation. Somewhere inside of myself I really believe this is possible. I almost feel like I actually have a cellular memory of this. I have been called a dreamer, and yes I am one. I think it takes us all dreaming to dream another dream. Clearly, this one isn't working.

In my dream, all of us are respecting each other's beliefs and the right to choose how they live. In my dream, we are all respecting the rights of all life forms - the animals, trees, plants, and each other. We have a wonderful opportunity to choose and start anew with our thoughts, words, and certainly our deeds. It's up to us to create this new world. I think we owe it to the future generations. If you need some inspiration, then download those songs and get going!

Happy Creating!


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