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Human Resilience

As I look around I am constantly reminded of the resilience of the human spirit. Even though we’re living in challenging, dark times, I still see hope in the faces around me. When we look at the world we see people coming forward to have a voice for what they’re angry or frustrated about. It is no longer a time to keep silent about what is not right anymore.

Throughout history, we have had many examples of heroes that have gone through so many horrific experiences and still came out the other side as an example of strength and courage for all of us. When we think of our examples of the men and women who went through so much to give us our freedom and yet we are asked to find our truth and voice, whatever it is. I think some forget how no matter what we’ve been through, it's human nature to rise again. We do that by coming together as one light and one heart and mind. If we arm ourselves with truth and knowledge, that has power.

We all know the power of love to heal whatever. If we take it a step further and add visualization to the feelings and then actions, we come out on top! When we see groups speaking up for their truth and taking action to correct what's not right, I feel inspired. It's not about if they win or lose, they tried, and if they reach a dead-end, they will try again. It reminds me of a maze. The rat will try to go one way and if it gets blocked it will go back and start all over again. It will not give up until it reaches its destination, even if it's only to get the reward of cheese in the end.

When we join with others it is more empowering. We get pumped, excited, and even feel stronger in numbers. It's time as a nation to bring our resilience back. Remember after 9/11 how everyone pooled together to help and be the love? Well, we need it again now more than ever. Find your own internal flame and join with other like-minded people to make a difference again. Our people need it, our country needs it, our earth needs it, our food needs it, and every other issue that's in the forefront needs it as well. We have to regain our freedom to rise again as a nation and to be the example for the world to see that we are resilient!


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