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Holding the Light, Holding the Line

Every day when I meditate I ask spirit what is most important at this time for the world. I always receive the same answer, hold the light, and hold the line. We all know what hold the light means, that in the midst of all that is unfolding on the earth at this time, the earth and its people need all the light we can get. We already know that we all make a difference with our contribution of light. If everything is a vibration then it is our job to put out the highest vibration we have to help heal the whole. That vibration then goes into a collective pot adding to others' vibrations. When we have enough light it becomes a tipping point moves us up the ladder of consciousness.

We have been told for many years that we need 144,000 people awake on this planet to shift us and awaken the rest of the planet. It seems so strange with all of the information down here - books, movies, classes, and even more, that we still don't have 144,000 yet. What if you were the one that still needed to wake up? You could be the one that tips the scale. Do your part! One person can really make a difference!

When I think of hold the line it reminds me of old war movies when they were fighting on foot and they were shoulder to shoulder moving towards their enemies. Sure they were scared but knowing they were all moving together towards what they believed was a common belief or goal, made them stronger mentally and physically. Sure there was loss and damage but keeping the cause in mind made all the difference. I believe it also means to hold our own and to keep the faith and keep believing no matter what looks real right in front of us.

We’re constantly told that everything is an illusion but we continue to believe everything we are told and are fed by the spoonfuls. Every person needs to be a master with their own discernment. Check-in with yourself and sit with everything to see what is your truth. We all have commonalities but we may have differences with some of what we believe to be our truth, and that's ok! That's what makes us different and unique. Stop hating those with a different opinion or truth. After all, we’re all entitled. So use your sword of power to wield the truth and the light and let's all hope we can hold the line and heal this earth. I love each and every one of you for who you are, your gifts, and heart light. Let it be that light that you blast others with knowing that we got this!

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