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Happy Holidays

I've been thinking about what makes the holiday season so special. I think for many it’s about seeing their family and friends and spending time with them. We don't often get to see all those people that mean so much to us and we don't get to express how grateful we are for them. It really isn't about buying gifts. In fact, in my opinion, it takes away from it. Many people have to feel bad that they don't have enough money to buy gifts or they go into debt at this time of year and spend the rest of the year trying to clean it up. What if we just agreed to spend time together expressing our gratitude in whatever way we would like to?  For those that have family and friends that live away. What would it be like to just have a video call for an hour feeling the joy of spending time with them and actually seeing their faces?

This year I have taken back my power of what society has projected on me. I did not put a tree up because it didn't feel right to cut down another tree and support that. I'm not judging anyone else, but for me it's not feeling right anymore. I am taking the time to express my love for those around me. That includes my family, friends, and ALL of you.

I appreciate all the kind words and expressions of love that all of you have given me this year. You will never know how much you mean to me for you are not just clients. You are my family of light and our spiritual bond has been amplified over this year.

As many of you know, I had a very challenging year in many ways, and just to have all of you supporting me in ways you will never know completely has been a lifesaver for me.

I certainly am not exempt from hard lessons and learnings but just knowing I had my work and all of you got me out of bed many mornings. I feel like the storm is passing for me and many of you as well. I know it has been difficult for many of you but God, Goddess, gave us each other to weather the storm, and for that I am grateful.

Bless you and yours this season. My wish for you is to have perfect health, quiet times of joy, living on purpose, and much abundance. Oh, and also love. The love that up until now you only dreamed about. May 2024 bring you closer to manifesting ALL your dreams. Enjoy.


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