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Getting Your Mojo bACK

After the long break we have had from living our so-called normal life, the one we thought we knew and took for granted, it's time to get our mojo back and to start living without fear again. Over this past year, we have been tested beyond our limits in so many ways, and just when we thought we had seen it all, there were more limitations and restrictions. It's like we are all holding our breaths to see if the life we once knew will ever come back. I believe we have to slowly step it up to get back to living again. With the nice weather coming sooner than later, you may feel something stirring inside of you. You may long to see your friends and family again, plan events, get your yard and garden in shape, or maybe even just go out to dinner again. We need to get our sparkle back and everything that represents. We need to see children laughing again and smiles on everyone's faces.

They say that New Yorkers are tough and bounce back from any challenge even stronger. Well, what about the rest of us? I believe we are strong beyond belief and don't give up easily. This is important to remember that all of us have a certain amount of endurance which kicks in when we least expect it. This is what makes us all unstoppable. As we take these baby steps back to reclaiming who we are and finding our new normal, we can survive anything!

Reclaiming our mojo can be an easy task. Our mojo is that invisible energy, juice, power, or belief that helps us believe that we are more powerful than the situation we are going through. We are survivors and in knowing that we can continue to move forward and discover what's next on this journey we call life. Once we realize we have never really lost it at all, we can uncover it and return to living our lives deliberately.

Start by stepping out more, and stepping it up every day. As we release the fear of being unsafe, maybe we can reclaim our heart space and pave a new path for ourselves and others, and maybe we can return to the most healing thing of all, the power of human touch. That is what I miss the most. I have to search my memory bank to remember the power of a hug. Hugs heal all. That will be when we will all feel that things are returning to normal and hopefully we will never take hugs for granted again. Hugs are good mojo giving and receiving them, so as we step out more this spring, know we are truly on our way!

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