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Getting Us Back into Coherence

Coherence can be tricky. The definition is: “the quality of being logical and consistent.” But life is not always consistent. As we glide with the shifts and changes of energies, it may seem almost impossible to stay in a place of coherence.

Coherence may seem like a familiar place when everything is just flowing along. We can use our mind to explain if we take this step and stay on the same route then this will be where we will land. Wrong! All bets are off now. We have been entering new territory day by day and we need to know how to take the new path and still get back to a place of balance. It can feel like you’re walking on a tightrope needing to adjust your weight over and over again, so you don't fall.

When something outside of yourself is challenging you, the only way through is to go within. The heart, mind, and emotions have to be in alignment. They have to work together in harmony. If you bring your awareness first to the heart and practice breathing in and out of the heart for as long as it takes, then move to the emotions to see what's coming up for you. Go deep with this one for there may be something underneath the first emotion that you need to deal with. Keep breathing through it.

Once the heart and emotions are in balance then go to the mind and do some self-talk until you have logically looked at what has prevented you from getting into balance. Once you’ve exhausted yourself with the mind talk, let it go. If you have trouble with that, keep breathing until the fear shifts. When all else fails, command your spirit to bring your thoughts into your heart until you can shift and get back into a place of balance. We are learning to become jugglers with the energy. Eventually, we will be able to master this. Until then, balance your internal world first, and then the outer world will follow.


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