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Frequencies of The Heart

So many people are commenting on the beat of their hearts. Right now, I have observed that sometimes the beating of the heart can feel like a musical scale going up and down. Sometimes it can feel faint, and other times like it's beating out of the chest. When I have asked about this, I'm told that we are making so many adjustments vibrationally, that as we climb the ladder to Ascension everything seems out of wack. Our bodies have to come with us, and therefore have to take the big leap in transforming every cell, organ, and gland. It's no different than what Mother Earth is doing. Everything has to make the shift since everything is vibration. I believe that even heaven is a vibration. A very high one indeed.

Our heart is much more important than just what it does for our bodies. It's the container that houses many of the downloads we have been getting from spirit. Most think that the downloads are all coming in through our crowns. No, the new 5th dimensional energies are coming in through the heart because the heart is the connector of the lower and higher chakras. It's also the bridge that takes us to the higher realms where we can speak our truth and live authentically, where we can trust our intuitive knowing, and where we can connect to the guides, master teachers, and angels.

We are clearing out at light speed. New higher energies come in with higher frequencies that trump the old outdated frequencies. It can play out that old issues come up once and for all, begging to be resolved and released to make way for what's to come. We need to wake up, shift, and accept our role for even being here at this time. We are here to birth the new world, and to hand carve what we want in it. Your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions will determine this!

I envision a huge bonfire that we can all take part in. In it, we place everything that no longer serves us. It includes everything that has power over us, everything unfair in this world or out of balance, and everything that makes one group of people

elite. All the outdated systems that no longer work would be at the top of the list for burning. Also, the constraints that control those that can't protect or speak for themselves including the children, animals, and the environment itself. We would burn the should of’s, would of’s, and could of’s. Let's add the violet-consuming flame to the fire so it can start transmitting. We could actually all do a weekly meditation where we can envision this bonfire, and that energy would go out into the world to quicken this process. Remember, we have to replace what we’re destroying with higher frequency choices.

Start thinking with your higher heart and the new downloads will start to filter through to your consciousness and show you what's most important to the new earth. We need to put out thoughts of what will benefit the whole. It's a win, win for everybody!

The new earth will be the container for up until now what has only been a dream. The frequency we’re bringing is heaven on earth, so get busy and envision a world with peace, equality, and love for all. Happy envisioning!

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