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For All You Empaths Out There

Every day I continue to meet many people who are empaths. Maybe many of them may know that, but many do not. These are people who are very sensitive and who feel everything around them. Many empaths feel over-stimulated and overwhelmed. They have extreme sensitivities to their environment and the world around them. They are almost affected or infected by the energies around them at all times. Many empaths have addictions to overeating, shopping, gambling, or alcohol as a way to block their feelings. They need to learn some coping skills and ways to protect or shut down what they are feeling when they are on overload.

In Judith Orloff’s book "The Empaths Survival Guide", she gives the following tips for nurturing empathic children that can be used by all of us.

1. Encourage your child’s sensitivities and intuition

2. Honor your child’s feelings

3. Educate family members and teachers about your empathetic child

4. Trust your intuition

5. Help your child recognize when they’ve absorbed other people’s emotions

6. Be an emotional stabilizer

7. Don’t argue in front of your child or anywhere they can overhear

8. Encourage your child to take time alone and have time to be quiet and creative

9. Teach your child breathing and meditation exercises

10. Encourage your child to express their dreams

11. Help your child practice shielding around energy vampires

12. Ground your child with drumming

13. Reduce exposure to stimulating situations

14. Create downtime before your child goes to sleep

15. Limit your child’s intake of processed foods, carbohydrates, and sugar

16. Intervene before tantrums

17. Use aromatherapy and essential oils

18. Use pet therapy

19. Use gemstones

20. Help your child turn the dial down on stress

I found her book extremely helpful. As you can see, any of these tips for your child could be your inner child as well. I find all of these steps to be true for myself when I pay attention to what I need.

This week pick one and use it to see if it makes a difference and pass it on. The book is a good investment and explains the gifts of the empath as well.


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