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Finding Your Team

I have recently found my complete team. The team I speak about is my survival team while on earth. We all know how much support and love we all need to make it possible to continue to be here now. My survival team includes my massage therapist, healers, chiropractor, acupuncturist, functional medicine doctor, mediums, and so much more.

Although we all know we have our spirit guides, angels, master teachers, and more we still need our helpers in this world. I looked energetically until I found the right vibration, and frequency of the team. They're perfect together. Even though they don’t even know each other.

I think we could all relate to going through practitioner after practitioner who either doesn’t listen to us or doesn’t vibe with us. There comes a time that you can have the courage to fire anyone you have hired from the past that just doesn’t work. They could have worked for you in the past and maybe you have continued to raise your vibration or have outgrown them. This goes for doctors as well. By becoming really clear and seeing who you now resonate with, it gives you permission to attract in, even more, evolved people as your personal team.

Sometimes it takes us a while, but you will definitely know when it’s right. We can't possibly know it all. We all have our own specialties, and gifts to share. It's important to know who is right for you in all areas of your life. Ask yourself why you would even go to a therapist to whom you can't relate. You deserve to have your support team.

Go back and revisit the professionals you have hired in your life. Are they still serving you? If not, go on your search until you find an energetic match for where you want to be, and continue until you find your whole team. Happy searching!

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