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Expanding our Awareness

Nature is always around us in some capacity, and yet most of us don't take enough time to explore it. Most folks only pay attention to it when they are on vacation in some luxury place with beautiful surroundings. It is always constant and calling out to us to come home to ourselves. Our minds may just be too busy to quiet down to appreciate our surroundings.

If you're lucky enough to sit with the plants in nature you can observe many things; How the plants look, what they are trying to tell us, and what the predominant element is in each one. Just by looking at the different parts of the plants, it will give us clues as to what it does, and how they can help you either physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Bringing a pad and pen with you can help you to remember if you're lucky enough to sense the plant communicating with you. It can be very subtle or it can shout at you depending on the plant. If you don't feel safe enough to be out there alone, an alternative to this would be to go to a greenhouse where they will let you sit quietly, and bring your pad, and you would definitely feel something. It may feel overwhelmingly peaceful in there. You may even feel sad. It can feel like a constant flow of energy moving around or like someone is watching you. If you can let go enough, meditate there, and trust what you feel. We could both have a difference of opinion on what the message of the plant is. Doesn't matter. Trust YOUR message.

Some prefer to observe trees instead, and that is fine as well. Follow your passion, and it will lead you down a path of curiosity, and it's addictive. Plants have so much healing properties in them, and even your house plants have a story to tell if you listen.

They always show signs of stress before they die. Are they observing negativity in the house? What is the message there?

We need to remember that we as humans are supposed to cooperate with all life forms and know that there is room for all of us. This is the future. All of us working together to survive with the energies, toxins, and challenges that have presented themselves to us on Earth. We could learn a lot from studying the plant kingdom as they work together through their root system to find or share water. They also help to regenerate the weak ones. Imagine if the world was like that, and how much more balanced it would be.

So this coming week get out in nature and maybe even bring a camera and have fun with it. Notice how you feel after. Enjoy!

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