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End of Year Review

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

As we quickly approach the end of the year it is natural to look at where we started and where we ended. We always start so positive with what we are going to accomplish and yet we’re always hard on ourselves when we don’t accomplish everything on our list. I think it’s important to remember all the internal shifts we have made during this time. What are the patterns we have broken? What are the paradigms we have shifted? These are often life long things that we have been carrying around with us holding onto like an old security blanket. So when you're looking over the year, make sure to look at all you’ve accomplished inside and out. The inside patterns that you have shifted will lead to the tangible creations you are looking to create in the New Year. Give yourself permission to dream bigger than you have and own who you are and all your abilities to manifest your dreams.

What I am going to do this week is to revise my vision for my life. I will also create my vision for this year. I invite you to look at all areas of your life and include the changes you would like to make. I examine one quarter of the year at a time. What am I trying to accomplish with personal and business growth? What projects do I want to accomplish? Where do I want to give of myself and my time to others? What are the people or causes I want to tithe to this year? How do I want to be seen? What is my non-verbal message I am sending out by example? This is a great way to sit and get clear. As part of this process, I look at what opportunities came and went during the year and what was my part in that. This way I am crystal clear about understanding what went wrong and more importantly if that was the Universe signaling me. Once I have answered the questions, moving to the calendar is next on the list. I spend time breaking down my quarterly goals and calendarizing the breakdown steps. I include everything. All my vacations, classes, dates with friends or family, workout times, etc. By learning to rely on your calendar you will accomplish much more. You will see how valuable your time and energy really is. You can track your time and money here as well. By getting organized right upfront, you will be more likely to follow the map you have laid out for yourself. The last thing I do is make time to do my manifestation prayers and rituals to give it an energetic boost. That sends my wishes out into the universe like a shooting star! When you put it into motion know that you can still tweak it as you go along. Use this as a great start to your New Year. Happy New Year and may it be your best year yet!

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