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Don't Be Held Captive

As we move into the New Year we can no longer be held captive by our old beliefs, doubts, or fears. We have to believe that even though we're in a place in the world with many conflicts and the darkness that surrounds us all if we change the old beliefs that no longer serve us, individually and collectively, we can do our part to heal this world. Holding onto our thoughts that reflect our helplessness and woundedness serves no one. These thoughts and beliefs are but reflections of what once was. I choose not to be held captive by my past and the negativity that keeps spinning in my head when I revisit it. It energetically suggests that I am still in the situation now. When you feel this way it is like you are reliving the experience over and over again. You get all your senses involved again which makes it so real.

Something happens when we stay conscious instead of falling prey to the old. We find new and improved ways of solving age-old problems. We stretch ourselves to find solutions where there once were none. By staying connected and continue to believe even where there appears to be no reason or proof, we can open to miracles.

Imagine what this world would look like if everyone believed. One by one, problems would drop away as they were solved almost by magical means. We could all join in the celebration and we could recognize our co-creative powers in the light. The focus would be changed to what we could do instead of what is. One by one as problems were solved, it would be so inspiring that we would move to another one. Solutions would be the order of the day, not problems. Remember, where we put our attention, energy follows so we want to stay focused on solving the problem. Before you know it one by one these will be a thing of the past. Let 2021 be a year of creative solutions!


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