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Deeping Connection with Source

In these crazy times, there is only one important thing that we all need to do. It is deepening our connection with source. For some, this may be easier than for others. If you instantly let yourself get distracted by the noise pollution, and the bombardment of information coming at you all the time, it may be harder for you to quiet down. Listening to spirit is really a gift. Many will get caught in asking spirit for wanting things to turn out their way. When you're in alignment, things have a way of turning out your way or for the highest and best.

In ancient times, people knew how to pray. They didn't beg for things or make unkept promises. They just prayed and we're grateful for all they had.

We need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives so we can here which direction spirit is guiding us to. Like a child looking for guidance from a father,

we need to sit and listen to God, Goddess, and all that is. Whatever works for you!

If you get into a daily practice of timeout and just listen, especially in the morning,

you will set your intention for the day. I do this every morning, first thing. I create a blank canvas in my mind, and I sometimes as questions as it is a spiritual law that spirit has to answer in some way, somehow. Then it is up to you to read the signals spirit sends you. Sometimes it takes a little while, but keep asking. You may ask, which is the best direction for me to spend my energy today? What needs my attention? How can I come into better balance in my life? What can I stop doing that is influencing my life in a negative way? How can I be in more alignment with my soul? Listen and see what pops into your mind.

It could be something symbolic you may see a picture of, or you may think of something that you think is random and it is not. Just allow. If you're not doing it now, you may have to build up to it little by little. Most important, don't get discouraged. What if in the future we had to rely on our listening skills the same way we now rely on the internet? We just might need our own GPS system of knowing where to go or what to do. What if this was our God’s Positioning System? It is something invisible that only you can tune into at any time. If the internet goes down in an emergency and your phones were out, what would you do? You would have to tune in. If you were alone, you would have to rely on how tuned into spirit you were, and if you would be willing to trust it. This isn't a what-if scenario, I believe someday we will be tested with this. So it's important to fine-tune your listening skills NOW. It's like anything else your starting to learn, it takes practice and sitting time to develop this. Start slow and build on it. All you have to do is tune into remembering what at some level you already know. This is nothing new to you. Start now, and fine-tune it. These skills will really be needed in the future.

Listen, and then listen for the repeated whispers that come to you. You can't do it wrong. Just be consistent.

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