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Bringing Yourself Into Alignment

These days it is so hard to stay in alignment with body, mind, and soul. Although it is not the soul’s job to keep you in alignment, the soul holds a frequency that you can continuously tune into. It’s like a touchstone to connect with home. That way if we get quiet and shut out the noise of this world, we can easily realign with who we really are. Especially at this time with everything we have to deal with in the world. It is so important to remember that we are more than whom we appear to be. We are the sum total of all of our lifetimes and our gifts are many that we have collected along the way. Sometimes we may feel helpless to change what's happening around us, but if we remember we have the power to change things and believe that our soul is larger than life, we can choose to tune into possibilities. Life can pull you out of alignment, so you can look at things from another angle. When you are unbalanced or out of alignment it can be challenging to get to your own personal records to know how to turn things around. When this happens, pause and get quiet. This is the only way you can collect yourself, quiet your mind, and come to new solutions. This brings you to a place of new creations.

When we're out of alignment it can feel like everything is not working for us. That is the first clue to regroup and make a change. If you meditate, you will come up with options to seek out. Just the intention of this will shift things for you. You will feel uplifted with a new path in front of you. Taking action always feels better than allowing ourselves to feel like a victim. Sometimes we have to express our feelings and frustrations, but once that is done allow yourself to move forward with new insights and experiences.

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